Brand Story

AJASSI is an oddly cute character with a carefree face.

Designer Yoonmi Jang, who had been running 'chicken gizzard design studio' since 2005, launched a brand, AJASSI, in 2015 out of doodles she collected.

The brand has a wide range of design goods and products, in addition to book publications and illustrations, KakaoTalk & Line emoticons, and various collaborations with businesses.


AJASSI is a regular citizen, 

who likes delicious food, seasonal trips, and animals,

and finds little joy in everyday life.

Many people still ask why the character is 'AJASSI', a middle-aged man. In fact, the character is not based on a real person.

The designer wanted to express her wish to grow old with honesty and affection albeit looking funny and odd sometimes.

Please look forward to oddly cute AJASSI.